Monday, February 01, 2010

only evan.

Last night, around 4a.m. I hear a thud and a short cry. I really didn't think anything about the thud and thought the cry was Liam.
About fifteen minutes later Evan comes to our room quietly crying. I hear Justin ask him; "What Happened?!"
I look over and he has blood all over his face, what did happen?!
We take him into our bathroom, he has blood all over his face and arms, I couldn't even tell WHERE he was bleeding from!
I got a warm washcloth and wiped his face off {while he was still half asleep!} and we discovered he had punctured just below his bottom lip with a tooth when he fell.
It was gross...but he was pretty much sleeping though it all. When Evan is asleep, he is ASLEEP.
We cleaned him up and put some liquid bandage on it to seal it, luckily the hole was fairly small, but sheesh,

ONLY Evan.


Danielle said...

Goodness, glad he slept through it. Glad he didn't do himself more damage. I guess you've got a sleep walker on your hands?

Megan said...

we've been through exactly that before- nix the sleeping part- and it was SO GROSS!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So glad he is fine. Those 6Am calls from children is always a bit disconcerting. Mom

Zoe said...

What a frightful wake! Glad it wasn't serious.

Katie said...

That would be scary!! Poor little guy.

Cup of tea said...

I'm sorry Anne but I find that story hysterical. Evan sure KEEPS you on your toes! Vanessa would sleep walk all the way down to the basement and knock on the back door scaring your mom to death. We soon put a very noisy contraption on the back door so we would hear it when ever it opened. It drove everyone crazy going in and out but helped us to keep track of Vanessa.

Aunt Sue

anne said...

Oh Aunt Sue... it IS hysterical! :)