Monday, March 01, 2010

a hard goodbye.

swandragon 040
Our first Sunday at Providence I had met Melody in the nursery. She was so sweet, so southern. I remember asking her when she was due, perhaps in three to four months. NOT SO!
She had the cutest little belly with her firstborn arriving in a month! ONE MONTH!
I actually didn't get to meet Chad our first Sunday there, but Justin did saying he seemed like a cool guy. {Funny thing was, I had sort of met Chad before as I had seen him at Starbucks {where he worked} and had once complemented him on his watch}
I remember leaving that Sunday saying to Just that this was going to be our church home. I just knew it.
We have been blessed with an AWESOME church family, but I'll save that for another time. For now it's all about the Mondragons.
I never could have imagined the friendship that would SO quickly develop. We had been in Lexington for about 8 months and still were searching for our church home when we found Providence.
fall 2008 {a little over a year of when we first met}

A few weeks after we started attending Providence, and a couple of weeks before Melody was due they had us over to our house.
Now, before our big dinner night you should know that EVERYBODY at church was telling us how GREAT our dinner would be at their home. How they were the best cooks and that we were so lucky to go have dinner with them.
We get to their house anticipating a amazing 5 course meal,the meal of a lifetime, and Chad says;
"I hope you guys don't mind but we ordered Donato's pizza. "
We laughed and told them how everybody had talked up their mad cooking skills and how we were anticipating the meal of a lifetime. Of course we didn't mind, Mel was ready to give birth at any given moment and we hadn't had Donato's before, so it was fun to try a local pizza place that we now LOVE.

They have since made us more wonderful meals than I can recall.

We have always teased each other whenever one of us had other people over.
"Oh, so what? THEY are your new best friends? You are replacing us?!"
We have had some REALLY great times together. They are the kind of friends that you laugh so much with, so much so that your stomach kills after you spend a night together.

I still remember when we told them we wouldn't be settling down in Lexington for only a few years, and they told us that they wouldn't let us leave, that Justin would have to find another company to work for here.
Little did any of us know that they would be the first ones to depart.

When they first told us that they felt called to plant a church in Colorado, a place where Chad has always had part of his heart {born and raised there} and still has his Mother, Grandmother, sister and nephew there, I hardly believed it.
I left their house that night is a state of shock and excitement for them and this new adventure, along with sadness that they would be leaving us.
swandragon 048
{I love this our times together it is chaotic, yet so fun}

As the months have passed and Chad has made several trips and connections in Centennial, where they will live and launch Sola Community Church it has been amazing to see Chad and Melody get excited to go out there, to be involved in the community there and to reach out to people and raise up new disciples for the glory of Jesus Christ!

This morning I am watching their girls for one last time while they finish packing up and tommorow afternoon they will begin the trek out west. I'm glad I have a fresh box of kleenex handy, because I'll be needing them all week.

Oh, and how could I forget?! Last night we had our last meal together at our house.

And what else could we have had, but Donatos.

So, SO thankful that the Lord brought us together. I'm so AMAZED at how God has used you in my life, knowing that I could talk to you about anything. I have LOVED watching you become an awesome Mother and a dear friend. It makes me glad how much my heart aches, as it proves the deep love I have for you guys. I thank the Lord for such wonderful friends.
We are going to miss you all so much, but know that Justin and I will be praying for you and Chad, Juj, Addie, and Brek as you embark on this journey. We are SO thankful for the time we had with you all. We have been VERY blessed by not only your friendship, but your testimony in our lives.
You all will always hold a special place in my heart.
LOVE you.


ps- I will never forget the first time I heard you say olive oil..."olive ole" or "pi" {pie} I'm going to miss you.


Danielle said...

Aw, so sorry! Friendships are so precious and hard to leave behind. :(

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

That is so hard. I am sorry. Such a cute family..

Bethany said...

Awww moves are so hard. I know as someone who moved a lot but who has also had every faithful workout friend since I moved to CA move on me. Its not funny anymore. I am afraid to workout with anyone for fear of getting close and then having them leave. HA HA. Hope you get so see your friends soon.