Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bourbon Drive-in

I HAD TO drive out to Paris {Par-ee as we like to call it} to visit Chad & Mel in their Ol' Kentucky Home before they left later today, and there is an old closed drive in on the way, so I HAD TO stop. I also got some fun horse shots, those will come soon!
bourbon drive in 001

bourbon drive in 003
Wouldn't you be SO MAD if a big ol' train came roaring through in the middle of your movie? Maybe that's why the place went belly up!
bourbon drive-in 008
Can't you almost see cars here? The year: 1958. HOT DATE NIGHT at the drive-in!
bourbon drive-in 006
bourbon drive-in 007
I used the word Ol' TWICE in this post. Unnessesary.

3.2.2010 Bourbon Drive-IN


Josh said...

Did you hear about the family of Polocks who died at a drive in during the winter? The news paper said they went to see "Closed for the Season", and died while waiting for it to start.

anne said...

ha JOSH. har, har.

Anonymous said...

Dizzang I wen to see so many movies there as a kid. I just remember hat the drive to get there took forever an then I could never find a comfortable place to watch the movie from in he car.

Dad said...

Your getting an ol' southern drawl there Anne. Once it shows up in your writing it's too late to fix.Ha Ha

Bethany said...

What a cool place.

Pops said...

I know this place. It's been closed for years but oddly the refreshment stand is still open. (: