Monday, March 08, 2010

What is this you ask?

Looks like a poorly made bed, you say.
3.3.2010 001
While you would be right in saying that this bed is indeed, poorly made, it is what lies beneath the bed that I want to direct your attention to.
3.3.2010 003No, I'm not talking about the Target PILLED{bummer} birdie pillow {which I do love by the way}....I'm talking sheets.
The sheets that I HIGHLY recommend.
The sheets that Justin and I would never ever take off the bed if it were possible. {which I suppose it is, but that's gross}
The sheets that cost me a total of about $23.00 and are nicer than the Ralph Lauren and Pottery Barn sheets we received from our wedding.
SO, what are they?
They are Martha Stewart sheets, and I should add we have a king bed and this included the flat, fitted, and pillowcases.
And,where did I get them?
I LOVE Macys, because so often they are practically GIVING things away. These sheets, originally marked $120 for 500 thread count, {which WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?}....were marked 75% off, and then an additional 25% off that.
I hesitated buying them, but decided we could use a newer set for that price, and that night after I had put them on Justin got into bed and commented;
"What are these sheets? They are the most comfortable sheets in the world!!!"
And they are, I don't even know why they are so much more comfortable but sleep has never felt sooo good.



Megan said...

those are so cute!!

it's the threadcount that makes them so nice. 500 TC is like luxury. cheap sheets are at like, 200 TC. it's how many threads are in a square inch, or something. the more there are, the softer...and more expensive...

but those are super nice and cute!!

Danielle said...

Wow, great deal! I've never bought a TC that high, so I don't even know what that feels like. But since we have a Macy's around the corner, I will have to check it out.

Busch family said...

Oooh! 500 thread count! Wow! I'll be stopping in at Macy's the next time I'm at the mall! :) I LOVE comfy sheets! It doesn't help my love of sleep any, but hey, we've all got to sleep, so why not be comfortable?! :)

Annika said...

I found a set a few years ago that were 400TC I think, and they were AMAZING. They're all worn out now because we used them so much, and now I can't afford to replace them, and we can totally tell the difference between the new cheap ones, haha! :) We got spoiled. Enjoy yours!!

Oh, and we also just got a fabulous deal at Macy's on stainless skillets...I couldn't believe what a good sale it was! Go Macy's.

Katie said...

ooooooooo, I LOVE soft sheets. Shaun and I had the best sheets our first years of marriage and I was so sad when they got a big hole from being so worn, and the brand was too faded to read.... so I am GLAD to read this!!

Bethany said...

Darn....where were you last night when I was trepsing all over CA looking for King size sheets which they apparently don't sell plain old King sheets here only CA King. Wonder if that deal is online because I am in need of good new sheets. And I love love love NICE sheets. Gonna check there just in case. Super cute. Your bed looks like a cloud. I love it and want to go to sleep now. HUGS.