Wednesday, March 10, 2010

gas station fun

who knew a trip to the gas station could turn into such a gas...yeah, I made that joke.
Just before I need to go get Max from school, EJ, the L-man and I head to drop off some dry cleaning and fill 'er up.
So here I am minding my own business, pumpin' my gas, and these two guys are trying to get the bucket to this sign. They determine they need to move the truck to a better position and the one guy starts backing that baby up and the other in the truck is yelling," hey, Hey, HEY!!!" and bam...right into the coke machine. And...he throws 'er in park. Doesn't bother moving her away from the machine, and gets out and meanwhile the bucket guy is trying to move the bucket out and up to change the gas prices on the sign. He is bobbing up and down, all over the did NOT look exactly safe, or right, but I had to take a picture.
EVERYBODY there was staring at these two, and the best part was that they were oblivious to that as they were so focused on their work.
Maybe you had to be there, but it was a gas!


Megan said...

i think often of how much i'd hate having a job like that. hate it!


Anonymous said...

Bet the boys were fascinated.:) at the expense of the poor worker guys. Mom