Friday, March 12, 2010

NBC rules!

Brian Williams was on 30 Rock last night. His line: "Hey CNBC, Nightly News RULES!"
Have you ever seen that show? I never had, and it was pretty funny. But back to Brian...I love Brian Williams!He holds a special place in my heart. Since the passing of Peter Jennings it was hard to find a new news anchor to love and along came Brian Williams to fill that void.

Here is another couple great quotes from 3o rock.

Liz {Tina Fey}"The hug plane is coming in for a landing."

Jack {Alec Baldwin}"You're cleared for approach."

"He could be a serial killer. He could wear a thumb ring." - Liz

Quote from Evan.

"Mom! Look at that shirt!"

"Aw, that's cute."

"No, no, not cute Mom, cool."

well, eeexxxcccuuuuuseee me Evan.

Our voicemail.
"Call received at 3:07 PM, from phone number eight five nine, five, five, five, one, seven, O, O. ?!"
What?! It is ZERO, ZERO!!!

Which reminded me of this great clip:

Happy Friday!


Megan said...

30 Rock is VERY easy to watch if you haven't been keeping up with it. you'll still totally get what's going on.

brian williams is actually very cool as a person- he even keeps up an indie blog

he's currently listening to she and him. love it.


Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

LOVE 30 Rock!