Monday, August 08, 2011

Evan {5}

Today you turned 5! And this week you start school! You have such a great smile,one that is so sweet.
Your heart is so tender, you really have a love for people. A compassionfor others,and that makes my heart so joyful.

You recently have learned to ride on two wheels and you couldn't be more happy to ride with the big boys! {you are the youngestin the group of you whoplay together...3 8 year olds ,two {one nearly 7} 7 year old{max} and you. :)
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You never sleep alone. If not with Max,with your Dad and I...even if you start in your own bed,you always migrate to someone elses.
Max and you are the best of friends. You are always playing together and really do get along quite well. I hope you two maintain this closeness for life.
Liam and you go at it a lot. You both are strong willed, know what you want and wrestle A LOT. You have your moments that you both just gie in, share and play nice together,and they are sweet.
You are completely smitten with your brother Declan. You always want to hold him, burp him,love on him and I love watching you with him. Being so caring and attentive.
At this age you are in LOVE with Star Wars and Poke`mon. You still have a deep affection for Mario, and the wii. You and Max have seen all 6 Star Wars Movies and have some characters and homemade lightsabers. It's fun to watch you guys pretend to be Obe Won, Luke, R2D2, or sometimes Darth Vador.
Your Dad and I are so thankful to have you in our lives. Your passion and love for people excite me for your future. You are a great son and we thank God for you!
lovey love you,

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He looks a lot like you, Anne.