Monday, August 22, 2011

{star wars party}

last Friday we had a Star Wars Party for Max and Evan.
star wars party
{clay, max,riley,evan, caleb, wesley,travis, and tyler}
{goodie bags}
starwarsparty11 018
Yoda Soda...boys LOVED this. :)
starwarsparty11 026
storm trooper fruit
starwarsparty11 025
starwarsparty11 036The boys fought Darth Vador to try and destroy the Death Star!
starwarsparty11 039
Jedi poses.
starwarsparty11 059
starwarsparty11 013
time for cake!
starwarsparty11 054
then take down Darth again!
starwarsparty11 066
starwarsparty11 070
starwarsparty11 073
{got the boys all shirts!!! ...they were all so amazed that I knew what size to get...I used the force }
starwarsparty11 072
a great time!
starwarsparty11 080



Alec said...

Whoa, a Star Wars party?! And I wasn't invited?!

Danielle said...

What a fun party!

Mom said...

Just heard Tim Keller in a podcast quote Yoda.:) Your in good company with the Stars Wars, mom

Friends of Narnia said...

Hahaha. So cute :)

Anonymous said...

Anne this was so cute! You did an awesome job at making the party fun & especially at capturing the excitement. Your pics really brought out the excitement in the boys.

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

What a fun party. You are such a cool Mom Anne. My boys would love a party like that. So wish we lived closer.
You are wonderful....

Amy said...

so, so fun!! my boys would have loved to be there. ;)


ps. sono isn't till 9/12 :(

Zoe said...

Wow! Looked like a fun party!

Ashleigh said...

How fun!!