Tuesday, August 02, 2011

our{24 hour} holiday

a couple of weekends ago we went on a 24 hour vacation. We left around 1PM for Indianapolis.
indy2011 004
About 4:30 we arrived in Indianapolis and headed straight for the zoo which is in the heart of downtown. I found tickets fo $4 each, so we paid $16 instead of $56 to get into the zoo. And the best part {minus the heat}? Almost all the animals were out and active, and the zoo was practically empty. If you ever get a chance to go the the Indy zoo, do it. It may be the nicest one I've been to. It's set up well, you can see the animals so well.

indy2011 010
{it was hot!}
indy2011 030

indy2011 020

indy2011 012

indy2011 032
TONY STEWART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
indy2011 027
Then we headed to an AWESOME Hyatt hotel, swam in the pool, and had dinner. We stayed up late watching a movie and in the morning had a nice breakfast and headed to the chilrens musuem. Since it was another scorcher of a day the place was packed. As I stood in the MASSIVE line I looked at Justin waiting with the boys for me to get the tickets {cost-$65} I mouthed to him, "do we really want to do this?" To whcih he promptly mouthed back, "NO." We told the boys we were bustin' outtat there and would do something else. So Evan wanted his picture with the transformer Bumblebee in the lobby so we snapped a quick piture and left.
indy2011 045
We decided to drop by Trader Joe's {and I ran in alone as it was quite busy} and pick up some fun things, since we have no T.J.'s anywhere near us...then we headed towards home via Cincinnati. We talked about going to a baseball game, but then decided with the heat, a newborn, and a two year old who didn't sleep enought the night before to just head to a place we'd been before.Newport. It's just south of Cincy, technically in Kentucky, on the Ohio River.

imdy22011 011
We walked around a bit and had dinner at an Irish Pub...and by then we were all ready to head home.
imdy22011 007
{proof Dex was with us! :) }
imdy22011 003
And around 6pm Saturday we were home sweet home. Just and I were beat, but the boys had a blast and it was a fun time together as a family.


Amy said...

What a fun adventure! Props to you guys for braving potential chaos to give your boys priceless memories.

Kimberly said...

That is wonderful!! What a fun time:)