Friday, August 19, 2011

maxwell {7}

you are 7 SEVEN!!!
starwarsparty11 016
What an amazing oldest brother you are. You are so good with your three younger broters, so loving, so sweet, so kind. You are incredibly helpful to your Dad and I. You listen well and are eager to help out (most of the time:).
swantillo.11 100
You love to read(like me), and love math(like Dad)...and you are a great student. Your teachers always mention how sweet you are, and now that Evan is at school with you, you are a proud older brother ...showing him the ropes.
swantillo.11 024
We are so thankful for you, our firstborn son...were we learned the ropes of parenthood. Thank you for being so patient with us, and so compliant as we figure this whole thing out...well try to anyway.
Happy 7th Birthday Max!
love you.

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