Thursday, August 24, 2006

storm stories...

There were some crazy storms last night. I
was honestly a little scared. We were up late,
as usual, we are total night owls. It was about
2 am, and I was in bed with Evan when I began
to hear hail and very strong winds against our
windows. Our bedroom is at the north end of
our house and the winds were beating hard.
I was so scared I grabbed Evan and as I was
heading out saw Justin dart into Maxwells
room to grab him. He was a little nervous too.
I seriously thought our windows were going to
blow in. There is no basement in our place
but we did head downstairs. Ten minutes later
the winds died down and it was calm for awhile.
All through the night though, wind, hail, thunder,
and lighting dominated our corner of the world.
I told Justin to put Max in our bed, I just wanted
us all to be together. Total cornball move.
It was nuts, and needless to say I did not sleep
Evan and Max however...they had the most
peaceful nights sleep ever!


Sarah said...

Similar story here! :) Claire was in our bed all night and I barely slept either. But she did--she's quite the bed hog!
Love the picture, as always!

Ashleigh said...

Sounds like it was a scary storm ... glad it died down and no windows blew in.

Love the pictures. So sweet!

Aunt Sue said...


These pictures and the story are so symbolic. Here's what came to my mine, that it was the first 'storm' they weathered together but it will not be the last and through them all they will have each other. They will always be brothers. You should really print and frame the pictures with some kind of note or saying to remind them to love and support and encourage one another as the get older.

anne said...

what a great idea...thanks Aunt Sue!

Alec said...

that has got to be the cutest f-ing picture I have ever seen.

Danielle said...

What a storm! The bottom picture is adorable!

Katie said...

Thanks for the e-mail. I can understand why you couldn't stop yourself from sending the pics. Glad you made it through the night! KT