Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ahem....another minor interruption.

Seriously child? DO NOT trust 2 year old alone with markers for even a minute!
Max would've never!! Oh Evan...what to do with you?
Thank heavens for washable markers!


Kim said...

Oh girl, I so feel your pain. Two year olds are crazy!! Was he a climber? I have a feeling Abigail is going to rock my world. That girl is already climbing onto the couch, beds and fireplace. Noah wasn't even walking at this age.

How are baby preparations coming?

Ashleigh said...

Markers have been banned, at least for the last several months, because of a certain two year old at our house. So I can sooo relate!

granma jane said...

I'll admit that what I am about to say comes from the mind of a granma..........He is so cute, that naughty little rascal!
~granma jane

Connie said...

My Carter did the same thing, except in pink. I took pictures too. It truly is cute....