Monday, September 15, 2008


I just had to mention how extremely blessed I feel to have this man as not only my best friend, but my husband. Every time we have been at a work function people come up to me and go on and on about how great my Justin is, how hard he works, and that he is such a great asset to the company. This past week he recieved a pretty nice raise, and I'm so proud of him. He works very hard each week, coming home from a long exhausing day and plops a big wet one on me after he stumbles in the door. I love you Just. Thanks for everything. (I also need to get some more recent pictures of you. :)


bethyoung said...

aww, that's a sweet thing to do, Anne! What a blessing you have in him.

Jane said...

Someday you will know how wonderful it feels when a beautiful daughter in law tells how much she appreciates your boy!
This just makes me smile.
He is a good man.
~mom jane

dancebythelight said...

Congrads to Justin on the raise. And more importantly, congrads on your great marriage! I love hearing ladies commend their man!

Lauren W said...

Yay for raises!
I love it :)
I feel the same way about my hubby :D

Sarah G. said...

Cheers! to having great husbands. Thank you Jesus. He is so faithful to bless us with the right person!!

Congrats on the raise.

P.s. this is totally off the subject. Do you have a name yet for your soon to be here, precious baby boy?!?!?

Chad said...