Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a little update.

I couldn't bear to take my picture and post it this morning.
So you get the boys outside a few weeks ago.
I really have no clue when I'm due. Somewhere in the first week of December.
That being said, I feel like I could go any day now. I'm uncomfortable and large. My hips hurt, Justin is sick of me complaining about how fat I am, and quite frankly I'm sick of myself. Did I mention I so do not enjoy pregnancy?
I've been having tons of braxton hicks contractions...the most I've ever had in a pregnancy, so that adds a nice element to the bag o' pregnancy fun. I gained 8lbs. in a month, of course, I've done worse, so I guess I can be happy it wasn't more. I think my grand total weight gain to 28 lbs. GREAT. So long as it's under 40 I can cope.
In a few weeks Justin and I are scheduled for a little getaway before this child arrives. We are heading north for a Coldplay concert. I actually booked the tickets the morning I totalled the van. Talk about feeling sick, I felt horrible for the purchase after I crashed the car. It was a surprise for Justin, but it took me a few days to tell him I booked the tickets I felt sick about it. Now though, we are pretty excited. We've been on every tour with Coldplay, seems like we are total groupies...I suppose we are. We've loved them since before they were big, and so we've stuck with them. Reminds us of the good ole' days I guess.
Speaking of a car, we still currently have one car. It's borderline annoying, but it has worked out okay considering Justin car pools with two other guys so I have a car a least two weeks out of a month.
I've begun "nesting" like a crazy woman. I feel like re-organizing my half organized house. I took three bags to goodwill yesterday, and I'm slowly but surely getting things in the order I want before this kiddo arrives.
Maxwell is extremely excited for a new baby. He keeps asking me to get him out, and wants to name him Skilowski (after a penguin in Madagascar). NOT happening...in case you were wondering.
Evan has no clue what is going on, just that it's become very hard to sit on my lap. Boy is this kid in for a rude awakening when this baby arrives. It's going to be an interesting transition.
Justin is continuing to work hard, transitioning to his new position. Did I mention how proud I am of him? Oh yeah, I did, but I am so thankful for such a hardworking husband, and can't help but smile everytime I think about how much his colleages love him and go on and on about him at any work gathering.
We are still in LOVE with our church and are so thankful to have such an awesome church family with truth teaching, and some awesome friends. It is going to be SO hard when we move on from this place. We have really grown as a couple and family since we've been here and I thank God for that.


Ashleigh said...

Anne, I SO understand! I felt huge with Savannah at the point you're at. And the Braxton Hicks were crazy! I started having them really early. Hang in there. Before you know it, you'll be holding your new little boy.

Anonymous said...

That's funny about what Max wants to name the baby! Ha ha! That's exciting about the Coldplay concert. I really want to get the new album, but haven't. Soon this phase will just be a memory. Just remember that when you're feeling down. I'll say a prayer for you.

Torie said...

Oh hang in there. I am sorry you ache so bad. That is no fun.
When I was pregnant with Jayce and due in December- it seemed like September was long, but October and November flew bye.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, getting everything ready for Christmas. It will be here before you know it.
I also got all my Christams shopping done before and honestly it was one of the best,most relaxing Christmas. We loved it.
Having a baby around Christmas is just really special.

Cute pictures of your boys. They are both so cute. I love the no shirts and boots. Oh I wish we lived closer. Our boys would have so much fun. They are so much a like.

Megan said...

no doubt you'll be the hottest mama at the coldplay show, no doubt.

every day you're a little closer to being a tri-mommy! truly, God designed the last months of pregnancy to make mothers SO excited to be DONE being pregnant that even facing labor doesn't seem that bad. i was always thinking, "BRING IT ON, PAIN. let's get this thing FINISHED!"


Katie said...

Anne! :( I'm so sorry, I get this way, too. I have TONS of braxton Hicks that start really early on and don't let up! They aren't painful but SUPER annoying and kind of limit your abilities and slow you down, and it is such a hard place to be. But it will END! Hang in there!!!