Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mr. Evan John

Mr. EVAN John,
Today you're a bit under the weather. You were VERY warm this morning when Daddy went and got you from your bed. Your temperature read 100.2 when I took it. You willingly took some medicine and the house is much quieter than normal today. You still are playing like normal, but not attempting to scale the entertainment center to put in the Cars DVD....yet anyway.
You have been a handful lately. I think anyone whose been around you can attest to that. From biting Aunt Mel's and Uncle Chad's couch to taking off your diaper during your nap and smearing some nasties around. You definitely know how to keep me busy. Your at that age I suppose where I feel like I'm constantly disciplining you. Your mind is set, you do not listen...well sometimes you do, but I suppose your learning.
Yesterday at the park a little girl about your age was being pretty aggressive with you, trying to take a car you'd brought out of your death grip on the thing. She proceeded to hit you in which you promptly slug her back. A couple of smacks went back and forth before I interceded and made you come sit down for awhile. Sure she instigated, but there is never an excuse to hit. You're learning. I have to admit though it still amazes me how different you and Maxwell are. Maxwell would've just taken a hit from another child where you defend yourself...and on occasion others as well.
Get well soon Mr. Evan John!
We miss our wild and crazy EVAN John!
We don't like seeing our Evan down.
Get well soon!


Chad said...

Evan- you are always a joy and I am glad I got to spend the evening with you last night. you didn't know it, but I would hide your cars when you turned your back and then put them back when you turned again. you were confused, but I thought it was funny!

Granma jane said...

Hope that baby feels better soon!
~granma jane and auntie jaimee

Connie said...

Hope your little guy gets well soon.