Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beyond my understanding...

What's with Bed, Bath and BEYOND?

I hAtE that store.

I tried a few times to like it, but I've pretty much concluded that I won't be going back.

I went today to get a shower liner that we replace like every 6 months. I usually buy the same one at Target that cost $7.99. I got a coupon {I'm sure they are trying to get me to shop there since I bought a spatula there like 4 years ago} and so I thought I'd get a steal. NO. The cheapest one they had {which was also the same as the Target one I might add} was $19.99.

Ridiculous...and WHAT a waste of time. I hated every second that I was in there {am I dramatic or what?} Why did I stray from Target? SHAME on me.

Seriously. These 3 reasons alone are enough to keep me away from the place {and next time I think about going I'm going to remind myself of this post}:

1. TOO much stuff packed in there...I mean it is comparable to a Wal-mart. It actually might be worse. There is so much "as seen on TV" stuff in there I feel like I'm in an infomercial.

2. A good percentage (I'd go so far to say 75% of it) is just junk. There are WAY too many knick-knack {patty-whacks} in there. I cannot STAND seeing anymore of those "inspirational sayings" painted on cheap plywood with some corny artwork that I could probably paint. There are WAY cooler ways to have quotes/Bible verses to hang in your home. The artwork they do have that is decent is overpriced. SO annoying.
Oh! And what is with the peppers (or whatever that is) in the glass jar for display all about? They have a {ka}billion of those for sale and I just kind of want to throw up in my mouth a little when I see them. They really don't look cool...and I just don't get it. Am I missing something?

3. Overpriced{ junk}.
They may have a few good kitchen items, but towels and bedding...NO WAY would I ever buy from there. The place is a TOTAL rip off...coupon or not. I think if I got a giftcard from there I'd give it away. Obviously somebody likes the place because they are still open.

So... I won't be back. I don't even want to think about the place again....next time I go by one, I will be going BEYOND...the store.

ps- I know it's not Monday so I really should't have complained today...but SHEESH.
ON to tommorow, and a HAPPIER post.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you crack me up. I agree there's too much stuff packed in (it's hard to get my stroller down the aisles) and lots of it is junky stuff. However, I do get some really good deals there with a coupon. I just know exactly what I want there and go in and just get that and nothing else, usually. And yes, a lot of what I get there is kitchen stuff because with the coupon it can be a good bit less than someplace else.

Julia said...

What if the 19.99 shower curtain will last for 6 years rather than 6 months?

anne said...

IT was the SAME curtian! Trust me I checked to make sure I wasn't crazy! I don't think any curtian I used for a liner would last 6 years...moldy....EW!
Even if it did, it's not worth it. Too much stuff {junk}...I'd only get kitchen items there...and I would have to be pretty desperate!

Annika said...

I TOTALLY AGREE. I get a headache every time I go inside.

Bethany said...

You make me laugh.

Katie said...

You are too funny.