Thursday, April 30, 2009

more "expert" advice on the swine flu

Quotes from world renown swine flu expert : my husband, Justin:

"People are coming to me for supplies. You should see my desk, face masks, rubber gloves, sanitizer. I'm set."

" At lunch I told everybody to wash their hands! Sneezing and snot everywhere! If everyone was serious about washing their hands, and take this pandemic seriously, we'd be golden!"

"I've become a champion on opening doors with my butt. If I had no arms, I'd already be an expert."


Katie said...

LOL!! I'm sending Shaun here to read this. He, too, is a swin flu expert. :)

Shaun said...

Yeah, we'll see how funny this is when Justin and I are the only one's left ALIVE! :)


dancebythelight said...


Kim said...

Your husband is a trip!! He and my Justin couldn't be any different. Mine is all, "the more germs we are exposed to the better our immunities build up." He uses that to explain and justify everything he lets our kids do when I am not looking:)