Monday, April 20, 2009

On Jon & Kate plus 8.

So, I was deleting some old drafts I had begun and never amounted to anything and came across a post I wrote in April of 2007 about the show Jon & Kate plus 8. There were 30 comments of which I had never read about 20 of! Most of them were fine but there were a few of which the language I'd prefer not to read.
In the post I stated my love for this new show and for the first two seasons I tuned in when I could. It was interesting to watch Jon & Kate interact and raise their 8 {very young} kids. The kids were cute and we all sympathized with Jon and Kate struggling to keep the kids cleaned and fed. and I’m not exactly sure when it all changed but what used to be an enjoyable reality show evolved into a monster.

Today the sextuplets are 5, and the twins are 9 {I think}...but I've actually stopped watching the show.
The way Kate treats her husband is a little too much for me to handle anymore. She is disrespectful and many times just downright mean to him.
I used to say that if any of us were being filmed like that it wouldn't be pretty either, I mean we are all sinners after all, and I sympathize with the fact that they have a lot of work on their hands but that is no excuse.

I just don't think it is good {or healthy} to watch anymore. In fact I actually watched a show on the same channel {tlc} called 18 kids and counting, and I the children are very sweet, and respectful to their parents, the husband and wife are very kind to each other. While they are probably precieved as "dorky homeschoolers" by many, they are a VERY sweet family. Of course they are still sinners too, and they have their problems to deal with I just appreciate the respect and kindness the family shows to one another. It is refreshing.
If it were up to me I'd get rid of our TV. We do enjoy ESPN though, so alas it stays.

For the sake {and health} of their marriage and for some privacy for their children perhaps the Gosselins should call it a wrap.
And that's my take on that.


Sarah G. said...

I agree that her behavior is beyong excuse, and like you said we are all sinners so unless we can try and learn to walk in the grace that is extended to us maybe we shouldn't be on T.V.

I too enjoy how sweet the Duggars are to one another and if I can tune in I do. I always had a dream of having lots and lots of kids. While I am well on my way I don't know God has called me to have as many as they do ;-) That is amazing to me the respect, order and just plain reverence for the Lord that takes place amongst all the "goings-on" around there. I only pray that I am able to show that much kindness and love to my hubby and kids!!!

Kim said...

Im pretty well over her myself.

However, I LOVE 18 and counting! That family is so cute. I tell Justin all the time that the mama is a saint! She never raises her voice. I love her for that, and want to be just like her one day....minus 13 or so kids.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, I stopped watching a long time ago.

I used to be amazed at how organized she was, how neat everything was, how the kids had this perfect schedule and she even slept in until 8 am every morning! I didn't get it.

Then, something did change.

I no longer was envious of how she
"did it all". I longed to see a messy house, children with some dirt on their clothes, maybe some kids crawling in bed with them at midnight and lots of love and laughter between John and Kate. Nope. After a bit I just started to feel sorry for them.

Sorry Kate, you're a nice person, but I'd rather watch your cute kiddos and husband.

Zoanna said...

I am one who was never enamored of the show, or the peoople, for that matter. Okay, the kids were mostly cute but some of them whine so much I want to yell at the film editor! But then I think, "Wait. This is a reality show." ANd I want to yell at the parents for allowing that behavior.

Then, in the midst of all my judgmentalism, one of my own children shows me what an average mom I am and how glad I am there are no camera crews here!

I find the Duggars wholesome and kind, but still remember they're on camera, too, and probably get "the lecture" before every session.

Anonymous said...

ESPN??? What kind of shows do they have on there? I guess Allison could tell me :)

deb said...

I stopped watching a while back as well,
and it was interesting to notice my over the top in love with those kiddies, 4 daughters turn the channel without my prompting as well.. creepy and sad.

Annika said...

I've never seen Jon&Kate or the 18-kids show. But I do agree on the getting rid of the TV thing...and we don't even have ESPN...don't you wish there was a cable option to only, ONLY get ESPN? I'd be totally cool with that. We just really don't want cable and so have sacrificed ESPN for now. I was looking forward to the switch to digital TV because it meant we would lose our antenna channels...but alas, too many people weren't ready (after how many years of warnings?) and so we have TV for another few months. Sounds like I'm not missing much on TLC, though...

Bethany said...

I use to like that show too and the few times I have seen it recently she makes me cringe. I just want to go grab her kids and roll them in the dirt. Sure she may be organized but she is way over the top...needs to lighten up and let her kids make some messes. She is really rude how she talks to her husband. I am sure we all have those moments but you would think knowing there were camera's would change her tone....hate to see what she does when the cameras are not on.

Yeah we like Cable for ESPN. My hubby is a sports junkie. I like it for Tivo. Sesame street and a few shows like Lost and HGTV and Star Wars Clone Wars for my boys. We mostly watch Tivo besides ESPN