Monday, May 10, 2010

10 random things you never knew you wanted to know.

My cousin Sara triple dog-dared me to reveal some random things about myself. I'm up for the challange!

1. While I like to shop, I hate the mall.
2. I don't do seafood. I don't know if it was too many fish sticks as a kid, but I don't like anything from the sea, with the exception of tuna salad.
3. Moving to Kentucky was one of the best decisions Justin and I ever made. I never thought Kentucky { we had never been until we were MOVING into our house} would be a place I would live. It has been so good for Justin and I in so many ways.
4. I recently discovered that big carrots, peeled and cut taste MUCH better than baby carrots.
5. I break a lot of on a weekly basis. We have had to replace so many juice and wine glasses. I guess on the plus side we have had a variety of glassware.
6. My own sin, my wicked heart is being revealed to me in new ways. I am thankful though, that the Lord is teaching me as I seek his will that I can deal with my sin in a manner that is honoring to him and a reflection in his love. I'll never 'get there' {Philippians 3} but I'm thankful for all the things I am learning along the way.
7. I hate dusting. I am really bad about it, and am guilty of the quick hand swipes around objects instead of moving them.
8. Speaking of dust, I'm allergic to it, heck I am allergic to everything under the sun.
9. And speaking of those allergies, I am really bad about taking medicine to help cope with them...I just deal with it. Smart, I know.
10. Moving to London is a possibility for us. I'm not saying we are, or that we really have even thought about it, but the option is there...and I gotta say it is appealing. CHEERS!
I lead a really complex, yeah.


Megan said...

i hate the mall. i maybe go 2 or 3 times a year. then i go to the gap, and leave. sometimes i get coffee.

Chick Magnet said...

London?! Well then! G'day mate! Let's put another...sssshrimp on the baarbeee!

Zoe said...

Every time I go to the mall I always end up asking myself why I am there?

You Rock!