Monday, May 17, 2010

6 things to question trust in.

1. Any cell phone company. I found this photo awhile back. I love it. While I'm not so keen on the word "sucks" in this instance I'll make an exception...and I completely agree, Verizon is not to be trusted, heck what cell phone company is? Fees slapped here, there, and everywhere. It is a total rip-off, yet it'd be near impossible for me to get rid of my cell.

2. Any business that substitutes a K or Z where a Q, C , or S should be. {or change the entire spelling} Kids Korner? I don't think so. Kwik Kopy? Dream on.

3. the phrase "diet menu" at a fast food joint. As a general rule if it is fast food, it isn't good for you.

4. local meteorologists. Is it just me, but are they always wrong? I mean like they are right maybe 1% of the time. I remember when we lived in Madison, the meteorologist had a 4 degree guarantee...and he was always giving out free umbrellas because his predictions were off so much. I wonder if they finally cut him off...or if the station has part ownership of Totes umbrellas or something.
I trust the Weather Channel guys everytime...and it's not just because they wear those fancy Weather Channel jackets, but it doesn't hurt.

5. Shirt sizes. First of all EVERY STORE has different sizing. Second of all, the majority of the shirts I have bought in the last year have been size small {and sometimes even extra small}. I am what you would call, NOT small in the chest area, which is why I've pretty much have worn a medium my WHOLE life...well since I hit puberty anyway, and all of the sudden I am buying size small? Something is up because I certainly have not gotten SMALLER in that area since having children.

6. Health Insurance companies. Need I say more?


Kim said...

Yesterday the weather man said we would get afternoon showers. Justin was having a ton of material delivered, standing outside at 7am and getting soaked by the insane amount of rain falling from the sky. Nearly 2 inches in 30 mins. So, I hear your #4.

But #2 is my favorite, hilarious!

Megan said...

i think some stores have moved to vanity sizing now. like, i typically get a M or L, and always have to check first, bc so many shirts are huge these days (like at old navy, though i never shop there). i think it's like vanity fast food these days. the value meal comes with a small drink...that used to be the regular size...and if you order a medium drink, it's like 42 oz....


Anonymous said...

Bob has not gotten better in his forecast abilities and they are no longer giving out umbrellas.:) They do however have a new program. It is a text alert for severe weather. You can sign up for a text from WKOW to receive breaking news, severe weather and other helpful alerts. I'm not sure how helpful they are if the weather is unpredictable. Mom