Thursday, May 20, 2010

a great day.

Today I became "aunt" to this sweet boy.

Weston Walter Boss, May 20, 2010
7lbs. .08oz.

My cousin Vanessa, her husband Wally and their almost 4 year old daughter Samantha welcomed this little guy this morning.

Not only that, but today I found out that I am going to be a {legit} Aunt to a baby girl this fall! My brother Alec and his wife Jennie are expecting!! WOOT!
And I've already ordered these shoes for her:


Busch family said...

He's a cutie! :) Congratulations! Your sweet little niece will be one of the most adorably dressed girls EVER! :) So happy for Alec and Jennie!

Josh said...

Wow! That's great! Congrats to Vanessa & Wally! I miss those characters.

Bethany said...

Congrats! And you were so cute on FB. And these shoes are so cute.
And when are you gonna get pregnant again...... ;)