Tuesday, February 03, 2009

the curious case of the missing glass.

Mr MJOD glass...where are you?
You are gone. Absent. Not present.
And I'm wondering what happened to you.
A lot of people have used you in the past two months, but I'm left perplexed.
Did you simply just get up and walk away?
Did someone desire you so much they had to have you for their own?
Or did you shatter into many tiny pieces and the evidence disposed of before I knew about it?
I wonder.
It's not that I mind that much.
Granted, I had 6 of you, but the thing is, if I have a fancy smancy dinner party I can now only invite 5 people.
It's a mystery.


Anonymous said...

I think these glasses are great because for some reason I love drinking coffee or tea from clear mugs.? Anyway I did not 'take' it.:) Did you look in the cars? Sometimes I have found missing mugs there. Hope you find it or it is one couple and one single for dinner. Mom

Megan said...

OOOO, is that wallpaper?! i love that! (oh yeah, sorry about the glass...)


Jane said...

I didn't take it either, but your mom sounds a wee bit suspicious up there in her comment...lol!