Monday, February 09, 2009


In middle school I was at my cousins, my best bud, my main chickita, my com padre (you get the picture) house for a weekend, and as I went to use the facilities upstairs I found a small round basket and inside was what appeared to be someones used Kleenex and much to my DISBELIEF, a perfectly good book thrown away!
It was a PEANUTS comic strip know Charles Shultz....Chuck, Snoopy, the whole gang. I love those guys. I couldn't believe someone would throw such a treasure away!
I took the book downstairs to see why someone would do such a thing.
My Aunt Sue tossed back her head and laughed.
She then informed me the basket was in fact not a trash can but rather a basket for ones reading pleasure if one so needed something to do while using the facilities.
Here's the thing,
I did the same thing the next time I stayed there.

So fast forward to today, and guess what I have in one of our bathrooms?
Yep, a PEANUTS comic strip book for your reading pleasure ...and you can bet it is in a basket that could or could not be mistaken for little trash can.
It's all about the good memories folks.

How do you like that for a rANdOm story to start off your Monday?


Megan said...

ha. i want a picture of this basket. c'mon. we all do. please? :)


Megan said...

i would totally not throw my trash in there! :)


Alison said...

Love it! And I was totally a fan of peanuts book when I was little too!