Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy LoVeS day.

I've decided it's time to utilize my mantel more. Mantels are fun!
Mommy's littlest pirate...Captain Heartbreak. HILARIOUS.
Yeah, I know. There are about a KABILLION screen tees out there, I could vomit, but there are some pretty hilarious ones.
Thanks to you Mom for the Valentines package. The boys are in LOVE with the play-doh letters.
Happy Valentines Day y'all!


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

So cute. I love Valentines.

And I love your cute chair at Target. You are my kind of girl. I find a deal and it is like winning something. I love it. Makes me so happy.

Little Liam is darling. So cute. I just want to sqeeze him. Makes me a little baby hungry:)

Ashleigh said...

We hung hearts up on our mantel too! Love what you did with yours.

Liam is getting so big! What a cutie!