Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this week.

I warned you. This post isn't pretty. Or very interesting for that matter.
Things to be covered:
2.home ownership.
4. realization

Good times.
1. sickness:
Besides that fact that we've hacked up a lung or two this week, nobody is currently residing at the hospital.
I'm thankful for that.
Poor Liam had a rough night last night. He woke up crying, there was no consoling him as he coughed and cried while enduring a fever of 101. In turn I got little sleep last night as well. I think I have an ear infection. Um...excuse me but I'm too old for ear infections? Maxwell is a little over dramatic about coughing, and Evan has even slowed down a bit, but not enough to put a WHOLE ROLL of toilet paper in the toilet. I mean what is this kids obsession with the toilet? You would think he'd want to potty train, but we have only gotten him to go on it a few times, I don't even want to tell you how many times I have clean up after him when I put him in underwear for the day. GROSS.

2.Home ownership.
Oh yeah, it's a blast.
Don't get me wrong I'm SO grateful to have a house, but here's a list of all that has broken in the past month:
-the dishwasher.
-one of our hot water heaters.
-the garbage disposal.
-the Heating unit (which cost us...gulp, $3500.)
- the refrigerator (ok so turns out it wasn't broken, someone just left the door open overnight)
... not minor things that we don't use EVERYDAY!
It's ridiculous I know. I mean it is a luxury that I have ANY of these things really.
Just frustrating that I may have to sell a kidney to pay for everything.

3. Fatness
My emotions have been all over the place lately. I know Justin is thrilled with it. He has been amazing though. He is a pretty awesome husband.
But really...
Going from 2 to 3 kids has been...exhausting.
It really is astonishing to me.
It's strange. I can hardly remember what I did five minutes ago. In fact, I have NO IDEA what I was doing 5 minutes ago.
In a way it feels like old hat, I know what I'm doing for the most part, this is my third baby, but jeez Louise it's a lot of work.

They say with each pregnancy it gets harder to lose weight after baby.
They also say that you might keep 5-10 lbs of what you were before you were pregnant.
Whatever to that too. Because I certainly do not plan on it.
OK, at the ripe old age of 28 I finally see that I will never be that super cute skinny girl that looks fab. in anything she puts on.
Or be over 5feet 4 inches tall.
I also will most likely NEVER run a marathon...or run in any race for that matter.
It sounds nice. I like concept of running and I'd like to be a runner but I'm not.
I've tried here and there, and for some reason I seem to forget I have the knees of a 90 year old, and running reminds me of a soccer injury from high school.
I had to be CARRIED off the field. CARRIED.
That was embarrassing.
Some girl knocked me off my feet which were planted solid on the ground.
I could not get up...would I ever walk again?
Turns out I was just a with permanently damaged knees.
SO running isn't my thing. But I love being outside, and come spring the boys and I will be out. That should help in the exercise department.

Anyway, back to the baby weight loss.
The thing is...
Wasn't I just here?
Didn't I just have a baby and have to lose weight yesterday?
Oh, yeah I did. TWICE.
Well, it wasn't yesterday. I mean my kids are 2 years apart.
I don't know. The weight seemed to come off easier after I had Evan.
With Maxwell I was a certified grade A cow the end of my pregnancy...and I'm pretty sure I as afterwards for awhile too.
Those pictures have been BURNED.
And for any of you out there who may have some pictures of me between June and November of 2004...GET RID OF THEM.
My poor husband has had to listen to me complain on a daily basis, and I always shoot down his endless compliments.
I'm a jerk.

You know what the funny thing is though...
I've realized that I haven't been as diligent about being in the word...and in turn this has effected me.
eh, Hello.
LOW and BEHOLD here is my problem.
God has an AMAZING way of showing me how worldly I am.
My cousin sent me this link.
I cried.
I'm so ridiculous.
I need Christ.
Bottom line...I need him more, to glorify and enjoy him.
We all do.
End of story.


Megan said...

well, AMEN to all of that!


Bethany said...

Hang in there!!!!

On the bright side your blog looks super cute

Kim said...

I LOVE this post, I so hear you. I too enjoy the concept of running, not the actually moving my feet part. Babies always kick my butt, which is why Im not working on #3 just yet. But I always come through the fog better for it. You know that, but sometimes it is good to hear from others they've felt the same. Hang in there, it only gets easier from here, well sorta:) I guess that is relative, huh?

Chad said...

Hey Anne,
Sorry you aren't feeling well. We did miss seeing you on Sunday. I wanted to comment on #4. Is really is amazing how quickly we forget our call to Christ in a world of business, conflict, and just life. It is also eye opening to me that God would give me a passage this week to preach on that points to the heart of my greatest problem, and that is making excuses of why i am not a disciple. If you get a chance, listen to Sunday's message. It is titled "No Excuses." I am not saying it is the best sermon, but it is a reflection of how God has worked in my life this week. I end it by making the perception that are we really that ignorant to think that God is fooled by our lame excuses? He is not dumb and He is not fooled. I am praying for you.

dancebythelight said...

I feel you. We've had some of the same issues, as you know, some different. It's been one of those weeks, er, 3 weeks!

Boy, do I need Christ too. I'm a pretty "bad" mom. When my kids are sick I don't want to sit and hold and cuddle them. I want to run away! Only Christ can change me, I'm not very compassionate some days. Thankfully He's changing me more and more into His image.