Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday!

My Aunt Sue gave me a Cd of pictures from Justins Birthday last year...and as you can see my Mother-in-law is pleasantly pushing me (my Mother, Aunt Sue, and Justins cousin Sonja all lauging in the background at my pain...crazy women!) and I lunging foward into Joelle who has the ball. She is aggresive! What crazy women! Truth be told,we were all laughing so hard our stomachs hurt, because all of us were being so aggresive and the older women were not even following simple basketball rules! It was a great day.

Today is my Mother-in-loves birthday! Happy Birthday Jane! Jane is always gracing us with new scrapbook pages (she is SO amazing at it...gets published all the time!) and a great second Mom to have.


Ashleigh said...

Happy Birthday, Jane!

Fun picture, Anne!

Anonymous said...

That is fun.
Anne you have a comment spammer on your blog on this post and another one. Booger. I think you can just delete them. You might be able to report them to blogger too.

Cute pic though.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jane!!!

Jane Swanson said...

LOL! I am not that aggressive woman you see in the photo. It was totally photoshopped to make me "appear" that way!
Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes! Anne, you need to put that photo of me hugging Evan at the hospital, then everyone can see how "sweet" I really am!
~love, mom jane

Jane Swanson said...

Ah,,, that is NOT the picture I meant!! Put up a cute one!!
~mom jane

anne said...