Sunday, October 22, 2006

the Kemps

We always love to hang out with Chad and Nicole! They are supa-fun to hang out with. I actually met Chad back in 2001 working with him at the Bucks. We share the same sense of humor...and we are both history nerds. Now we are all married old folks. Alright we are still young, and having fun! They are one of those few couple friends that both spouses look forward and love to hang out with!
We hung out this past weekend and there was a two for one special going on in the bar of the resturant we were at, so we all decided to get a margarita. The bar tender (who was a little ditzy mind you) comes back with not four, but eight drinks. Down she plops them in front of us, and we all sat stunned for a moment. We all were on the same page when we had ordered, but the bar tender misunderstood, or perhaps she just played dumb to make more money off us! :) But then she comes back with another, thinking she had not made enough so we had nine drinks between the four of us! We felt like alcoholics! Maybe you had to be there, or maybe we are just a bunch of old silly married people. Either way it was still funny to us.
We will sure miss them when we move, but we are planning on them coming to visit often and we will make sure to come back to Badgerland to see them too...and their kids which will exist very soon. (very soon Chad!....ahem...wink, wink!)


nicole said...

yeah.. keep hinting on that baby thing!!! what a fun night that was! No worries, we will be down to good ole kentucky to hang out like the married couples we are!!!!!

Danielle said...

We hung out with our good couple friends on Saturday night and made personal pizzas, so fun! Sounds like you guys had a great time too.

Beth said...

Those margs look delicious by the way.