Tuesday, October 31, 2006

our biggest pumpkin

yikes! It's a ghost! Heehee!

We went to a few neighbors homes (good thing I took him out because the older couple next door said they only had their light on to see Maxwell...the husband had just had his knee replaced...they are so sweet and I have known them since I was 10) and Max really did not get the whole trick or treat thing down but people loved seeing him out. Of course he took his puppy hood off as soon as we walked back in the door...so no good pictures but he sure is enjoying his candy.


Anonymous said...

So cute...Funny ghost pic.

Ashleigh said...

Looks like you were having fun with photoshop? :-)

We let Olivia answer the door for most of the trick-or-treaters and she liked giving them candy. She kept wanting to eat the candy herself, but when we let her she kept spitting it out. I can't believe I have a daughter who doesn't like chocolate!

anne said...

no actually believe it or not no photoshop!! :)

I am that good heehee!