Monday, July 07, 2008

4th weekend.

My boys at a baseball game July 3 with a group from our church. Fireworks was fun!

On the 4th we went to our bff 's the Mondragons for an outside party. Well, it began to pour just as we walked in thier front door. So, the party was inside. Here is Evan, Maxwell, and Juliana playing together. I can't believe I didn't get a decent picture of the three of them in their 4th of July gear. I'm so dumb.
We still had a blast and Justin is the next American Idol...according to the Wii.

And finally, I think I'm about done with this project. I will probably add a few more, and I like the mirror idea Megan has on her wall... so it will probably be never ending...


Megan said...

ooooo you added more stuff! i really like it- it looks so sharp with your uncommonly beautiful house. also, yeah. mine changes all the time. it's been on my stair wall in two homes, for three years, and changes all the time.

i don't know how i'd hang stuff without killing myself either. but i might try... or not. whatever. Lord willing, i got a lotta years here, you know? i might want to expand.

Bethany said...

Oh looks like you all have been having fun. We are going to try to take the kids to a baseball game this week.

Love the stairs

katie said...

looks awesome anne!