Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Jared and Evan. 2006. I love this picture.

Today my brother in law Jared turns 29.
Today he remains at his parents house, in their care, unable to speak.
Today he kisses your hand as you greet him. He tries to communicate as best as he can,
he walks as well as he can, he shows love.
Justin and I often reminise about old times. I love hearing stories from their childhood.
I love remembering his laugh, the way he talked and genuinely cared for others. The way he took tongs and dunked like 5 oreos in milk before he ate them. The not one but three times he rescued me from the side of the road and fixed my flat tire because Justin wasn't around and probably would've been much help anyway.
Although he is so different than he was six years ago when on that February day his life (and ours) was forever changed, there is one thing that hasn't.
Jared loves Jesus, he belongs to him.
He had such a passion for life, for others, but mostly for Christ.
This is how I remember him.

Happy Birthday Jared Paul. We love you.


Megan said...

that made me cry! happy birthday indeed.

life is so good- and God is so good, to bring incredible joy to our souls deep down, in absolutely any circumstance!

what a great testimony he is for Jesus- just loving Him and it's impossible for the Lord to not clearly shine through!


Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't rude, but I couldn't help but wonder. You say "his life was forever changed." What happened?? You can email back on my site: if you'd rather keep it private.

Katie said...

Oh, Anne. How is he doing? He is able to kiss and hold and hug?