Monday, July 21, 2008

the weekend.

anne and megan. 7.19.2008
What an INCREDIBLE weekend. I feel like I can't even explain it well enough to do it justice. It went so fast, and when I got home I could've collapsed in my bed.

It all started off well at 5am on Friday morning...or so I thought.
I made my gate just time to board and off we went to Atlanta. I had about an hour layover. I had a coffee and called my parents (who were on their way to O'hare to fly to Mongolia for a missions trip) and just before we were about to board I used to restroom. We soon board the plane and I reach into my purse to shut off my cell phone. Gone. I searched three times and then asked the stewardess if I could get off the plane to look in the restroom I had just been in. I shuffle off, annoying everyone who was trying to get on and run to the restroom. It's gone. I ask a dice. I head back to the plane and they've shut the door. Luckily they let me back on since they had not shut the plane door. We arrive in Cincinnati, and nobody is helpful. Finally I find a payphone, does anyone know how to use those things? I call Justin but he can't hear me...but he is smart enough to call me back and tell me someone found my phone, called my Dad, and they will send the phone back on Monday when they get home from their weekend. I start bawling...hey, I'm hormonal and pregnant.

I get a latte and feel much better. Starbucks IS an experience, I don't care what you say. I get on my plane and soon we are touching down in Minneapolis. I find my way to the light rail and head downtown. Reminder I have no phone, and I'm trying to meet my brother Alec at his office building of which I vaguely know the description of. I get off at my stop and head down the street. I see a Caribou Coffee and get an iced coffee, (coffee #2 of the day) and ask if I can use their phone after explaining my situation. No go. It won't dial long distance and my Alec's cell is a Wisconsin number. I ask if I can please use one of their cell phones, promising to keep it under a minute. Finally we find each other and head up to his office. Sweet relief.
I call Justin to let him know I've arrived. I then call Megan to see when she is getting to town. Mind you we've never met before. When he picked up her phone she would've have sounded more sweet. We finally agreed we'd meet at the hotel, since it was too hard to try and figure out how she could meet me downtown.
Alec and I took the light rail to his house where we went to a local coffee joint (coffee #3) and then headed to the hotel. As I knocked on the door I got really nervous. That I wouldn't be cool enough for Megan and her college friends. I walk in to three smiling faces. Megan, Janna, and Trina couldn't have been more sweet. I love them all. :) Of course I already felt deeply connected to Megan via blogging. Justin was relieved she wasn't a man. :)
We headed down the the Target Center to see Miss Beth, ate a quick but scrumptious dinner and headed into the area with lots of estrogen! The night was amazing. The worship...indescribable. All these women together worshiping the Lord! Miss Beth spoke on Hebrews 12...I LOVE Hebrews and what I love most about her (besides her southern accent and great sense of humor) is that she brings it back to the word. Her message was so truth based, in scripture and right on. SO good.
Afterwards we walked around a bit trying to find something besides a bar, and ended up back at the hotel where the four of us talked until...well I think I fell asleep mid-conversation. :) Sorry guys.
Bright and early we got all cute and headed to breakfast. We guzzled down our coffee and were soon all cozy in our seats waiting for the last two sessions of our conference to begin. (Oh yeah and as a side note, Sara Groves was there!!! I so love her. She didn't sing which was a bummer but still!)
The last two sessions were as refreshing as the first. I learned so much and I wish I could tell you all about it. It would be like the worlds longest post. So instead, I recommend you go see Miss Beth, cuz, SHE ROCKS! The whole conference was well put together, the praise team so good, but they weren't all flashy, and there was no huge introduction for Beth as she came out to speak. You know everyone would've cheered and cheered for her, but it was all about Christ, as it should be.
After we left, I think we were all a little stunned. It went so fast, and we had so much information to work through. We headed for lunch and shopping. It began to pour near the end of our trip but we still had a blast.
Soon Megan was dropping me off at Starbucks (where else?) to meet Alec so we could hang and I was going to stay with him and my brother Carl that night. I couldn't believe our time together was over! What a bummer. We hugged twice! I love you Megan!
Alec and I grabbed a coffee and headed to the Mall of America to meet his girlfriend who was going on break from her job at Nordstroms. His girlfriend Jennie rocks. She is so sweet, easy to talk to, and so cute. I love her. Alec needs to keep this one (hint, hint ALEC!). If you've never been to the Mall of America, don't go. I hate that place. It is too big, it just overwhelms and annoys me. It's really not all it's cracked up to be. Just my opinion though. I mean they don't even have an Antrhopologie (aka. the only store I care about)!
IKEA however, is right across the street so we headed there. I wanted to look at a few things for our upcoming trip there (ahem, Justin), but I also bought a lamp (that Alec claimed looked like a bong) and some fabric (so cute and $1.99 a yard!). The funny thing was I ran into Megan (and her friends plus another who lived in the city) again! That was awesome, one more goodbye.
We headed back to Alec's place to pick up Carl and head to dinner at a local Pizza place. It was good pizza, and afterwards we went to Dunn Brothers Coffee and sat outside chatting for awhile. It was fun to hang out with my brothers, we hardly get the chance to do so nowadays. After that we went home and I collapsed into bed since I had to be at the airport at 5am.
5am came SO fast and soon I was through security heading to grab a little something for me and baby to eat. I search my purse and it's not there. I sit down and look through it three more times.Where is it? I had my license still but no wallet! I ran back to security and they had not found it, the TSA guy even went back to the ticket counter where I had checked in to see if it was there. It was nowhere. I went to the bathroom and went through my carry-on and my purse taking it all apart through tears. It was gone.
I finally had to head to my gate and soon we boarded and were off to Detroit. When we arrived in Detroit I called my banks 800 number to cancel my card, which nobody (thankfully) tried to use. I went to a Caribou and begged a girl for a cup of coffee and she gladly gave me one after hearing my sob story. She was so sweet. I headed to my gate and read for three hours, getting hungrier by each passing minute. Soon it was time to board and just as I was about to board the announcement came and people were coming back out of the terminal! There was a mechanical problem and who knew when it would be figured out. Great. About ten minutes later they had found an extra plane lying around and our gate was switched and about half an hour later we were taking off. I arrived home a half hour late and as soon as I laid my eyes on my husband I burst into tears. He got me some lunch on the way home, we ate, I loved on my boys and my man and then I slept. Justin was so good to watch the boys all weekend (in which I found out Evan took all of his clothes off did a #1 and #2 on their train table and smeared it with his hands. Nice. ) and then to let me come home and nap.(on our anniversary I might add).
After we put the boys to bed, we had a nice night together chatting and laughing. I love that we can laugh so much. Justin claims I will never live down losing everything this weekend. He's never going to let it go, and he said for the next trip he is getting me a belt that I can attach all my important thins too. Heehee Just, your so funny.
All in all, it was an amazing weekend and I was thankful for the mini-vacation, a chance to hear a study from Miss Beth , meet Megan and visit my brothers. Most of all I'm thankful for the work Christ is continuing to do in me.


Anonymous said...

Besides loosing your phone and wallet, what a great time! Yeah, you probably won't be able to ever live that one down!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like me. I lost my Blackberry the last time I traveled and the airline found it for me. That was super nice of them! Anyway, I'm glad you had a great trip! I am trying to see Beth Moore too as she is coming to our area Aug 1-2nd :-)

Megan said...

you don't need a fancy belt, you need a FANNY PACK! ha! i hurt for you all over again when i read the story!

that train table thing was toooo funny! i can't believe that! i mean, is there something worse?? yuck!!

oh, so again for the 50th time, i'm so glad we got to hang out! it was great! and, you do, indeed, need another sweet yellow wallet- that one was awesome- here's to hoping you find an even BETTER one!


Katie said...

Glad you guys had a fun time!

Bethany said...

Oh wow that is crazy you lost all that stuff....but kinda funny now huh. I am glad you had a good time despite the little bumps.

dana said...

I'm so glad you got time away and enjoyed the conference.

Zoe said...

Sounds like a cool adventure! I second the fanny pack idea! Ha! Maybe a yellow one.