Thursday, July 17, 2008

this weekend.

So. Guess what?!!! This weekend I'm going to see Miss Beth, meeting Megan, and visiting 2 of my 3 brothers.
All in one weekend!
I leave tommorow (SUPER in 5 am) and have 2, YES, 2 layovers. I supposed to get in around 1:30, I just hope I get there at a decent time and before the conference starts that evening!
I'm going to miss my boys like crazy but I hope God uses this conference and my time away to bring me closer to him!


Anonymous said...


Kim said...

You are going to have such a great time!! Beth is wonderful, so full of the Spirit. I have yet to walk away from one of her conferences unchanged.

Will you do me a favor? Can you give Megan a big hug for me? I love her.

Megan said...

i cannot wait!!! take care of that belly of yours tomorrow- follow all the advice those pregnancy sites say about flying etc. ok?

you know, don't sit too long without getting up, and bring yourself little snacks, bc airlines can't afford to feed you anymore, all that stuff :)

i'm so excited!!


Katie said...

Have fun, Anne and Megan! I am jealous!!

Chad said...

don't come back thinking you are called to preach!