Wednesday, July 23, 2008




Anonymous said...

Oh, that's what we need, a sprinkler! We've got a little pool, but that's a pain to fill sometimes. And half the time they're ready to get out after like 15 min. and run around anyway.

Megan said...

A$ was too funny to me.

i loved how evan's belly hangs out a little- almost a big boy, but still a little baby chub left... they were too cute trying to say popsicle!

oh, and i saw the beth moore book- are you done with it yet??


Sarah G said...

I love it!!!

Jane Swanson said...

Makes a grandma's heart [and aunties] so happy to see them having some 'summertime fun' with a sprinkler and popsicles!!

So sorry to read about you losing your cellphone and wallet. Wish we could have helped you somehow but it seems it all came right in the end.

~grandma jane

Katie R. said...

That is so cute. What fun!

Anonymous said...

"Evan John" sounds like a rapper. It went along nicely with your hiphop music selection! haha

Anonymous said...

I liked the video of the boys very much.

Love Samantha