Tuesday, July 15, 2008

because you asked( CHAD!) ...here is: the blue room.

So I know y'all have been dying to see "the blue room"...formerly known as "the green room". Ok, so most people who cared have seen it in person now, and for the rest of yous (yes, yous is a word...my Dad says it so it must be so) you know you wanted to see it. It'll be nice to look at when I'm old and grey and want to look at old house photos.
I had no clue how we were going to use the space as we had more space than ever before. I liked the color alright, but I still wanted to change it.
Ok, Iknow, you really have no idea what this room looks like, but I don't have any others. I didn't take a "before picture. Stupid me. The room had books stacked up against one wall, the easel, and the boys train table. It was dull and boring.


Like my crooked pillows? Just keeping it real people. Let me tell you about those pillows, found them at Pier One last summer for $1.99 each. I was pumped. Also see those green chairs. So cute right? Well, let me tell you, when we lived in Madison the OshKosh B'Gosh store we had went out of business and was selling everything including the fixtures and things in the store. The chairs (which are PB kids I might add) were $10 a piece! They are normally like $50, what a steal. I should've bought all of them.

This is really the only room that stays semi- clean on a regular basis. There are some toys on the floor too, but they are by my feet...oh wait, there is an ambulance under the ottoman. See.

Whoa. That train table is clean...and boring. It just so happens that last night Evan decided to dump a whole bottle of juice on the table. You know what? I just rememembered that normally we have a rug that I got on clearance too from Target that goes under the table. It was attacked by the juice... it'll be back later. It was from that awesome global market section. Woot-woot for Target!
So it is our play (toys in the grey bins)/craft(in the white and brown boxes)/library room.
Got all that?


Megan said...

is no one going to comment on how hilarious it is to see that picture of evan eating crayons! honestly, so funny.

i love this room! it's beyond gorgeous- and a bonus room at that. can i just transplant it to my house, please???

and those little green chairs are to die for. really.



katie said...

You're so funny.
I LOVE the room. It is so colorful and fun. Great job!

dancebythelight said...

Cute! Love the bookshelf and your bird art. Do you like to collect it or is it stuff you've done yourself?

anne said...

I did the bird on the branch and the tree branch thingy with the yellow background. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Evan is funny.
I love the room too. The colors are great!
Fun art work!
- Dana F.

Bethany said...

This is so beautiful Anne!!! What a great room. I need you and Beth to come visit me and help me finish my rooms. You two are so great at finishing touches.

Kim said...

It looks great, Anne!! I love the starfish. Great job!

Kim said...

oh and I would be remiss not to note how funny Megan's comment is, that girl trips me out!

Craig, Robyn, Noah and Kaiden... said...

I LOVE IT!!! You're so clever Anne! We are just doing something similiar in our study...although our room is no where near as big as yours so I have to really think of some clever storage ideas! We're doing the same kind of thing though, toy boxes on the bottom of the book shelf. I'm making Craig build one...it's yet to be started though :-P
And I have to say, the first thing I noticed was Evan eating the crayons! Hahaha! Too cute :-)

bethyoung said...

I LOVE IT! So nice. Yes, tell our friend Bethany that we are on the next flight to LA as soon as it gets cold and ugly here! I am thinking January??? Can you wait that long Bethany? Remember how I told Bethany when she was all sweet by posting her newly remodeled home pictures how jealous I was of her awesome house and how I wanted to put all of my stuff in it? That was my first comment on her blog. I'm so nice. Ha! I love it Anne! have fun with Beth Moore, she's fantabulous:-)

Katie said...

Cute! I like the kids-size table, the green and black, and the starfish.