Thursday, July 03, 2008

help me people.

Two posts in a day...can you believe it?!!!
Here's the deal. I think the wall on our stairwall has potential. I had it blank for awhile...B-O-R-I-N-G. Then I had it like this. It seemed like it wasn't enough for the space. Now I am working on this:

Keep in mind it is still a work in progress, but you get the idea.

So I need your help. Should I?:

a. keep it's lookin' sassy.
b. go back...what were you thinking?
c. I have a way better idea! (and share what it is!!)


Bethany said...

Love it! Love the black. I always buy black frames...they then work together now matter what or where you live or put them. Then you don't have to buy a bunch of matching frames and you can always add to it and if framed in black it will all tie together. Love what you are doing. I also REALLY LIKED your LAUGH above the steps...made me chuckle because I have a knack for falling down (and sometimes up) stairs all the time so the laugh there would remind me to laugh....don't know if that is why you put it there but........ said...

Keep it up, I like it! It could really use a print from that new photographer on the scene...what's his name....Josh Lloyd! haha just kiddin

Sarah G said...

I choose "a". ;-) It's lookin' great!

Megan said...

of course i love it- it's shockingly similar to mine :) i think it looks really awesome- i'm inspired by all the different shapes of mats and things in the frames. i also severely covet the wood floors and staits, and your trim, and it all looks so nice! i love the flexibility of black frames- they are simple to find everywhere, to match, and to even spray paint cheap garage sale etc. frames black to match- it's timeless and smart! i really like it. if you take it down, i won't be your friend anymore.

i was thinking of posting something similar... do you think you'll eventually let frames go all the way up, or keep them where they are only? i have this really high wall above mine, and i can't tell if it looks stupid leaving mine the way it is... so i'll need your help when i get to posting it!


Megan said...

ps- did you get your thick black frames at target at Christmas time? i've got a ton of those! two years in a row, i waited until after Christmas and bought a TON of them for half off... some even 75% off... and i like them so much! i really like how you're showing yours off!

Megan said...

pss- ( i keep forgetting i have more to say)

that what if she's a man comment has given jim a whole lot of cracks at my expense already. ha.

dancebythelight said...

Keep it up, for sure. I agree with Bethany, the black looks best. White frames looked washed out. Choosing different frames is fine, the black keeps a unified look.

bethyoung said...

I really love it, Anne!!!!

Zoe said...

Looking good!